Support Cloudle through Sponsorship

You can now "sponsor a day" on Cloudle!

You could send a birthday message to someone, promote a cause, share your following, or just spead a message of love to the world!

What do I get for sponsoring a day?

You can choose which day in the future you would like to sponsor! Your message:

  • can show up before the game is started, and above or below the game board
  • will forever be attached to that day, and accessible via the game archive

In addition, you could:

  • include a link to your social feed (eg: Twitter or Instagram)
  • link to your website, or another webpage
  • choose the city you would like to have in the puzzle on that day!

Best of all: your patronage and support will keep Cloudle running, and fund the development of more fun & ridiculous games in the future!

Get Started

Supporting Cloudle costs just $30.

To sponsor Cloudle, just send an email with the date you would like, the city you would like to choose, and any message you would like to share, to: