Cloudle Players are Supporting Ukraine

Make a donation today, to help us support the people of Ukraine.
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World Central Kitchen: Providing Millions of Meals

World Central Kitchen

Your donations will support World Central Kitchen, who serve chef-prepared meals to communities impacted by natural disasters and during prolonged humanitarian crises.


World Central Kitchen

Every day, they are serving hundreds of thousands of hot, nourishing meals to people affected by the invasion. These meals are being distributed at 4,000 sites, including to bomb shelters, hospitals and those trapped on the front lines, as well as people forced to flee their homes and their country.

Read more about WCK's work in Ukraine, and see what your donations will contribute to.

Donor Reward: Choose your own city for a future Cloudle puzzle!

For a donation of $30 or more, you can take control of Cloudle for a day.

Choose your your favorite city, and then pick a date for your puzzle. On that date, every Cloudle player will get to guess the forecast for your city!

Optionally, we will post a message of gratitude to you above your puzzle, or you can choose a short message of your own to appear. This could be a birthday greeting to someone, promotion for a cause, or a message of support for the people of Ukraine.

(Sponsor reward messages will be reviewed by the Cloudle team; we reserve the right to edit and post them at our discretion.)

For any questions or to claim your reward, send an email with your name & proof of donation to:

Q & A:

Is World Central Kitchen an effective charity to donate to?

Yes. They are one of the best rated organizations on Charity Navigator. They score a full 100/100, in part for their transparency, low overheads and high spending on programs.

How will my donation get to WCK?

Your donation will be sent directly from the fundraising platform to the World Central Kitchen account, and will be used to fund the programs that they run. Your donations will not be handled by Cloudle.